Inoue Tomoshige-sensei

It is with the deepest regret that we have received a report from Kōbe of the sudden and unexpected passing in mid-September of our very good friend over many years.

Inoue Tomoshige-sensei

Inoue Tomoshige-sensei (right), d. Sep 2011

Inoue-sensei, whose command of English was excellent, had been a great help to us in many ways over the best part of the last twenty or more years. He was the chief point of reference in arranging on our behalf the technical side of a number of visits by our members and direct contact with various sensei within the Hyōgo Kendō Renmei. It was he, who as leader of the Kōbe International Kendō Club, arranged the excellent two-month long training in Kōbe for Thomas Bowen, sandan, from the Butokukan. Several members will remember with gratitude and pleasure their practises with Inoue-sensei and members of his dōjō and Ōzaki-sensei’s Isshinkan Kendō Dōjō. Both Pat and Roald Knutsen had many long and frequently humorous telephone conversations with him and were deeply grateful for his support and many kindnesses.

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