BKR monThe British Kendo Renmei (Eikoku Kendo Renmei in Japanese) was founded in 1973 with the object of providing an alternative choice for Budo (Kendo) students who were more interested in practising and developing their understanding of the traditional arts and ways of the Japanese martial culture than those sword-Budo systems that interpret and present Kendo mainly in terms of competitive sport.

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Shodan Shinsa – Spring 2018

The following advancement into the dan degrees was made at the shodan shinsa, held under the Rules of the Eikoku Kendō Renmei, at Tunbridge Wells on Sunday 15th July 2018.

To Shodan:

Ben Ashley (Butokukan)


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Kendo Advancements – Autumn 2017

The Renmei practice at Tunbridge Wells, on Sunday 22nd October, saw the formal announcement of the following advancements within the dan degrees:

To Yondan: George Dillon Butokukan Dojo
To Godan: Ian Pattenden Tonbridge Dojo
Stuart Dickinson Vauxhall Dojo
Ric Bithell Butokukan Dojo
To Rokudan: Lucy Pratt Butokukan Dojo

All advancements are made under the Examination Rules and authority of the British Kendo Renmei .

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Patricia Knutsen 1935 – 2017

The Eikoku Kendo Renmei is very sad to announce the death of Patricia Knutsen 7th-dan kendo, a stalwart of British kendo for more than 50 years, who passed away on 26th June 2017, after a short illness.

The funeral will be held at Woodvale Crematorium, South Chapel, on Wednesday 12th July at 11.30.

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Brian Scrafton – a thank you

A few days ago, and completely out of the blue, two of Donn Draeger’s books arrived. Good clean copies of ‘Classical Bujutsu’ and ‘Classical Budo and Bujutsu’ sent by former member Brian Scrafton (1982-86), unfortunately without a reply address.

I would like to thank Brian for his kind consideration. If you are reading this, please get in touch through the contact page.

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Fujii Okimitsu 1939 – 2017

Fujii-sensei presenting awards in 2015

On Tuesday the 11th April Fujii Okimitsu-sensei suffered a fatal heart attack.
His contribution to kendo is hugely underrated and that he occupies the position as the “Forgotten Ronin” of British kendo, as he touched each and every part associated with kendo and iaido in the early days of the BKA.
Arriving in the UK on the 1st April 1967 he spent most of his life here dedicated to kendo and the Kenseikai kendo clubs that he established.
Fujii-sensei had lived in Cornwall for many years where he continued to practise and teach kendo & iaido until he sadly passed away.
We will remember him with sincere respect, and fond memories as a very modest, diligent teacher with a kind nature, and a mischievous smile which was to be seen both in and out of the dojo.

‘Rest in Peace dear friend and sensei’.

Paul Budden

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