Shodan Shinsa – Spring 2008

The following students were advanced into or within the dan degrees at the Renmei Shodan examinations at Tunbridge Wells on Sunday, 18th May 2008. These examinations have been made under the Rules of the British Kendo Renmei implemented for the past thirty-four years and in strict accordance with the standards laid down by the All Japan Kendo Renmei.

To Shodan:

Alistair Brindle (Butokukan Dojo)
Mark Morford (Tunbridge)
Philippe Negri (Tunbridge)
Eden Swift (Butokukan)
Antonio Ybarra (Butokukan)

To Sandan:

Thomas Bowen (Butokukan Dojo)
James Powell (Butokukan)
Matt Smith (Butokukan)