Senior Advancements within the Renmei

The following advancements have been decided and are effective from Monday, 19th January 2009.

Name Dojo Present Rank New Rank
Roald Knutsen Butokukan Rokudan Renshi Nanadan Renshi
Phil Jupp Vauxhall Rokudan Nanadan
Patricia Knutsen Butokukan Rokudan Nanadan
Simon Crittenden Tonbridge Godan Rokudan
Steve Phillips Vauxhall Godan Rokudan
Peter Powell Butokukan Godan Rokudan

Shodan Shinsa – Spring 2008

The following students were advanced into or within the dan degrees at the Renmei Shodan examinations at Tunbridge Wells on Sunday, 18th May 2008. These examinations have been made under the Rules of the British Kendo Renmei implemented for the past thirty-four years and in strict accordance with the standards laid down by the All Japan Kendo Renmei.

To Shodan:

Alistair Brindle (Butokukan Dojo)
Mark Morford (Tunbridge)
Philippe Negri (Tunbridge)
Eden Swift (Butokukan)
Antonio Ybarra (Butokukan)

To Sandan:

Thomas Bowen (Butokukan Dojo)
James Powell (Butokukan)
Matt Smith (Butokukan)

Vauxhall Dōjō 20th Anniversary Practice

The Vauxhall Dōjō welcomed a good number of Kendōka to mark the Twentieth Anniversary of its establishment on Monday, the 20th November. Phil Jupp, rokudan, and his members deserve congratulations and all the support they can get for their long years of extremely hard work to develop the high level of orthodox Kendō that characterises the dōjō ethic. May they continue for many years to come.

Shodan Shinsa – Spring 2005

The Butokukan Dojo 40th Anniversary celebration saw the formal announcement of the results of the Spring Shodan Shinsa examinations for advancement into and within the dan degrees. The assessments were held during the preceding week but the results delayed until the evening of the 27th in Lewes.

To Shodan: John Bowen Butokukan Dojo Brighton/Lewes
James Powell Butokukan Dojo Brighton/Lewes
Ron Cuffley Butokukan Dojo Brighton/Lewes
To Sandan: George Dillon Butokukan Dojo Brighton/Lewes
To Yondan: Christopher Fox Butokukan Dojo Brighton/Lewes
Stuart Dickinson Vauxhall Dojo London
To Godan: Peter Powell Butokukan Dojo Brighton/Lewes

All advancements are made under the Examination Rules and authority of the British Kendo Renmei .