Shodan Shinsa – Spring 2017

The following students were advanced into or within the dan degrees at the shodan shinsa, held under the Rules of the Eikoku Kendō Renmei, at Tunbridge Wells on Sunday 5th March 2017.

To Shodan:

Ian Calvert (Tonbridge)
Andy Haynes (Tonbridge)

To Nidan:

John Bridger (Tonbridge)
Matthew Williams (Tonbridge)

To Sandan:

Tim Bailey (Butokukan)
Tony Booker (Tonbridge)
Alistair Brindle (Butokukan)
Stephen Horton (Tonbridge)
Mark Morford (Tonbridge)
Philippe Negri (Tonbridge)

Joint Dojo Kendo Practice at Tunbridge Wells

A sizeable cross-section of ranks all met on Sunday morning at the Tunbridge dojo in Skinners School for a very good session in basic Kendo under the guidance of three nanadan sensei and other senior yudansha from over the south-east. All members and others who wish to advance their Kendo in a comradely manner amongst others who feel the same way – and without reservations because of fancied affiliations – are always welcome to join in and benefit. This is always the ‘Way of Kendo’.

General practice – kirikaeshi/ji-geiko
Senior yudansha practice
General group photo