Return to practice

There was a long-awaited return to near normality over the weekend as indoor practice resumed at both Lewes and Tunbridge Wells.

Roald Knutsen

Roald Knutsen sensei was able to attend both sessions and was welcomed back after a long period of enforced isolation.

Practice was conducted under covid-safe conditions, and was limited to individual exercises in kendo basics, using bokuto. The emphasis on basics will remain for some time yet, and it will be a while before we return to bogu and fully normal keiko.

Special Renmei Practice

The Renmei held a special practice in Tunbridge Wells on Sunday. Despite the efforts of Storm Ciara, members from many dojos gathered for a morning of instructive keiko with senior senseis.

We were particularly pleased welcome our guests, Paul Budden sensei kyōshi nanadan and Kazuyo Matsuda sensei renshi nanadan, from Kodokan Kendo in Watford.

In Memory of Reg Winnall

It is with regret that I have to let you know about the passing of Reg Winnall in December last year “at the grand old age of 97” in the words of his friend Terry Brough. Reg was a keen budo-ka of several decades standing. He practiced Judo in Stafford in the 1960’s, which led to Aikido, including a seminar with Koichi Tohei sensei when he visited the UK (Reg managing to capture the sessions on film). This in turn sparked an interest in chi/ki that he stayed with him for the remainder of his life and partly explains his fluid ashi-waza. 

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