Renmei Journal – Spring 2014

The latest edition of the Renmei journal – Kendo Iai Naginata, Issue 302, Spring 2014 – is now available for members on the Journal page.

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Kendo Charity Event 3rd August

Following on from the successful Charity Event For Little Haven Hospice in 2012, Sensei Paul Whiteman of Soushinkan Dojo has organised another event for 2014. This will be held on August 3rd 11:00 – 14:00, at Clements Hall Sports Centre, in Hawkwell, Essex.

For more information see the Sushinkan website.

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Kendo Advancements – Summer 2014

The following members have been advanced to Nidan rank under the authority of the Eikoku Kendō Renmei.

Tim Bailey (Butokukan)
Alistair Brindle (Butokukan)
Melanie Carr (Butokukan)
Arran Crutcher (Butokukan)
David Munn (Butokukan)
Jessica Waring (Butokukan)

Congratulations from all our Kendōka.

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Birthday Celebration Practice

Saturday 7th December saw a celebration practice in Lewes to mark the 80th birthday of Sensei Roald Knutsen, Renshi Nanadan. A large crowd of kendōka were in attendance, including Renmei members from Vauxhall, Tunbridge Wells and Southend-on-Sea, as well as many visiting spectators. We were particularly pleased to welcome Paul Budden, Kyoshi Nanadan, and Kazuyo Matsuda, Renshi Rokudan, from Kodokan Kendō Club in Watford, who kindly participated in the practice.

The event was formally initiated by Susan Knutsen giving the customary signal on the drum. Alf Friend performed the Shi-ten ryu, a traditional iai sequence to ‘drive away demons’ . The Nihon Kendō Kata was then demonstrated by Phil Jupp Sensei, Nanadan, and Steve Phillips, Rokudan, from Vauxhall Dojo. There then followed free kendō practice, enthusiastically entered into by those present.

After the practice, an excellent buffet, provided by Carole Mercer and her daughter Sophie (formally of Seasons in School Hill), was enjoyed by everyone.

Susan Knutsen

Susan Knutsen starting proceedings with the drum


From left: Paul Budden, Kyoshi Nanadan; Patricia Knutsen, Nanadan; Roald Knutsen, Renshi Nanadan; Kazuyo Matsuda, Renshi Rokudan
Background from left: Simon Crittenden, Rokudan (dojo sempai); Paul Whiteman, Godan

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Charity fund raiser for Little Havens Hospice

A Charity Practice will be held on Sunday 11 November under the auspices of Paul Whiteman’s dojo near Southend. A nominal £10 admission will be levied with all profits going to the Little Havens Children’s Hospice in Thundersley, just off the A127 near Rayleigh.
The event will be held at Clements Hall Leisure Centre, Hawkwell, Essex, and starts at 12:00 noon. More details on the Soushinkan dojo website.

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